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OUT NOV 30, 2021


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Feat. Get-Mo, Partner's In Christ, Lady KB, Yo Ben Yah & Tajuana Best. 

Tru-Christian~ T.G.B.T.G


Tru-Christian~ To god Be The Glory

It's been a trying year for Tru-Christian, he has been tested in every way imaginable. After preaching through the full pandemic for the Lord, he was hospitalized due to Covid-19, it left him down for over a month... He watched his whole family (Wife & Children), as well as his church members and so many others, that he knew, fight there way back from this horrendous attack... Almost loosing his 3yr old niece in the midst of this attack, he still believed God was still with him! He sadly lost his mother after 80+ days in the ICU (Agatha I. Best 71), as she fought hard to overcome the Covid...

He managed to turn all his grief into a powerful energy which became his 16th album! This Album is one of his best yet, with 20 tracks that will testify to every test that he has withstood inside of one year...

Tru-Christian gives all the glory to God, no matter how much he has endured! We pray that every word of this album, and ministry will minister to you in the ways you could even imagine!  


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